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Hey! This blog passed 1k followers!! Thank you all very much :^D

I’ll try to update more often in the near future, cross my heart-

but in the meantime just a reminder that this blog runs primarily on suggestions of quotes from YOU guys since I don’t watch much anymore! So please send some in (preferably saying whoever said it and/or the video title- though just a quote is fine too!) 

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also, my apologies for that temporary hiatus. it was entirely steam summer sale related

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Anonymous asked: w8 how okay is not using yogfont


totes okay

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Anonymous asked: it's back? IT'S BACK? IT'S BAAACK! <3


fun fact- it was never gone!

it’s just that i honestly don’t watch many yogscast videos anymore, so i personally can provide very few quotes to ~hipsterize~. 

but if you guys provide more suggestions/requests (like that lovely one, from ) then this blog will stay active! B^D

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