please don't take this blog seriously
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thelittlehydra asked: Just found this blog and I don't think I've laughed so much in my life ;)


Im glad you enjoy it! B) giving people a chuckle or two is the point of this blog.


Yogs in flower crowns (Part 2) - Rythian, Nilesy, Inthelittlewood, Strippin, (Cartoon) Zoey, Kim, HybridPanda, Ridgedog, Parvis, Sparkles*.

Feel free to use them as icons.

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I’m a very odd person, and I needed a new background image for my computer monitors. So I made some ” cheesy inspirational quote” pictures using my favourite Yogquotes and members.

The idea is totally pinched from here: http://imgur.com/rbeP2XV

I don’t have that much of an imagination at 5 am when i’ve not slept.

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